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Your chickens' health

Welcome to everything you need to keep your chickens healthy!  


Check out my chicken health check video, and all of my recommended products for a healthy diet and for treating minor health issues.

If you have an emergency or serious concerns about your chickens' health, we have a map below, where you can search your area for a vet that has specialist knowledge of poultry.

How to health check your chickens

In this video, I show how to run a regular health check on your chickens. This is not only a practical exercise for chicken keepers, but a must-have for when you go out to purchase new stock.

View more of my videos on Chicken Health on my YouTube channel.  

View my chicken health care products


Find a vet that knows chickens

To use this map, simply zoom into the area you need to see the details of the vet practice that is known to be chicken-savvy. Clicking onto the pin will bring up details of that practice; all our pins have a small chicken icon to differentiate them from the standard Google map pins..

© this map is copyrighted by Clare Taylor, and may not be reproduced elsewhere

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This is a map of vets in the UK who are believed to either be avian specialists, or have vets within their practice who are able to treat chickens. The list is not exhaustive and is intended to provide some guidance and help in locating possible vets across the UK, however, due diligence should always be done before taking your chicken to any vet practice.


The vets included on this list have been found through online research and recommendations made from members of The Hen House Facebook group. As such any recommendations are subject to personal experiences and opinions, and this should be taken into consideration when making your own decisions. 


The vets listed in this document are in no way linked to or endorsed by The Handy Hen, The Hen House or Clare Taylor who runs these groups, and as such they bear no responsibility for any vets or vet treatment received.

Please feel free to use the site’s contact form to let me know of any recommendations, provide feedback or share corrections regarding any listings, so that I can keep this amazing resource current. 

With thanks to Louise Hall, who researched and compiled this directory. 

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