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Sizes and prices:  1kg - £6.40, 5kg - £18.90 


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Product description: An amazing digestive aid, which also contains soluble calcium to strengthen eggshells. Great for birds which have crop or digestive problems. Contains seaweed, herbs, brewer’s yeast and protein pellets which make it utterly irresistible for your birds. Feed in a coop cup or separate feeder to encourage uptake.


  • Provides soluble grit for shell strength, and insoluble grit for digestion
  • Protein pellets, seaweed and seeds for extra nutrients
  • Contains Aniseed to encourage appetite.


Clare’s comment: I can’t believe how my birds took to this; I am used to them ignoring their grit, but they went mad for Gastric-Grit. They have plateaued out a bit now, but still eat more of this than regular grit, I give it on alternate days. The 5kg pack is great value too.


Ingredients: Grit (oyster shell, redstone, limestone, insoluble grit) high protein poultry pellets, millet, ground wheat, toasted soya beans, brewer’s yeast, charcoal, seaweed, dried herbs, peeled oats, whole wheat, aniseed.

Additives: Vitamins: Vitamin A 110iu, Vitamin D3 33iu, Vitamin E 100mg, Vitamin B2 100mg, Vitamin B1 50mg, Vitamin B3 20mg, Vitamin B12 1000mg, E1 Iron 650mg, E4 Copper 200mg, E3 Cobalt 20mg, E2 Iodine 18mg, E8 Selenium 4mg, Antioxidants

Analytical Constituents: Calcium 25.2%, Phosphorus 3.5%, Sodium 2.1%.


Gastric Grit, 1kg and 5kg

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