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Sizes and prices: 56g pouch. 1 pouch £8.47, 2 pouches £16.50  Includes a dosing syringe 


Postage: £2.60 for up to 2 pouches (unless included with other productsselect at checkout


Product description: Harrison’s Recovery Formula is a rich and easily assimilated source of nutrients for sick or injured chickens. It is easy to digest, so doesn’t create any further stress on the patient, and will aid recovery and weight gain.


Recovery Formula can be beneficial for:

  • Animals needing an easily assimilated source of nutrients
  • Ideal for poorly ex-batts
  • After surgery or illness, when the bird has progressed to a point where oral, easily digested diets are necessary - especially good after crop surgery or gut issues.
  • When lack of food has slowed gastro-intestinal/crop emptying time, or a bird is failing to thrive.
  • For debilitated or injured chickens, syringe feed until they are self-feeding


Note that this was manufactured originally for the exotics market, and I have adjusted the dosage and instructions on it to suit chickens, so follow my instruction leaflet closely


Directions: Mix fresh; 1 part of dry formula to 1-3 parts (depending on feeding method) of drinking water heated to about 39°C (103°F) allow to cool to lukewarm before using.


If the bird is self-feeding, then make up 1:2 with water and give it in a tinfoil dish to encourage them to feed. If syringe feeding is necessary, then make up 1:3 and use the syringe provided to feed very carefully as per my video above . Please don’t attempt tube feeding as per the pouch – this is intended for vet professionals!


Aim to feed little and often, so roughly 2-3mls every couple of hours if the chook will tolerate this. Check that the crop is emptying.


It can also be mixed with Harrison’s Fauna Flora to enhance nutrient absorption.


Storage: After the sachet is opened, I recommend that it is kept in the fridge in a sealed container. Any un-used formula which has been made up should be discarded (my dogs are usually hanging around for it!).


Clare’s comment: As the photos show, my chickens will happily eat this out of a dish, in fact I couldn’t keep them away! I’ve used this on a bird (not mine) which was very poorly after crop surgery; she rallied really quickly after being fed small amounts by syringe every couple of hours.


If I have a sick or convalescing bird which isn’t eating, then I mix this with Harrison’s Fauna Flora and syringe feed if necessary.


Composition: Soy protein isolate, Hi-oleic Sunflower oil, Sugar, Vegetable oil.


Nutritional additives per kg: Vitamins: Vitamin A 44092 IU, Vitamin B1 26783 IU, Vitamin B2 23800 IU, Vitamin D3 2756 IU, Vitamin E 992 IU, Vitamin B12 400mcg. Trace elements: Zinc Sulphate 132.5mg, Manganese Sulphate 44.1mg, Copper Sulphate 1.6mg.

Harrison's Recovery Formula

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