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Sizes and prices: 1kg, 2kgs, 5kgs and 10kg, £3.50/kg


Postage: Dependent on weight and combination of products - correct charge will show automatically at checkout


Product description: A deliciously healthy treat for your chooks - great bribery tool, which they will gobble up in a trice. The aniseed in it stimulates appetite, so great for enticing a poorly bird to feed, without the fattening element of corn which you find in some treats. A handful at the end of the day will get them whizzing into the run to eat it up.


Clare’s comment:  My girls will literally do anything when I rattle the pot containing this – they know that it’s time to go in their run, and race down the garden to get there before I scatter some seeds in!


Ingredients: Red Dari, Safflower, Black Rapeseed, Linseed,

Mung Beans, Naked Oats, White Dari, Tares, Millet Seed, Paddy Rice, Aniseed Oil

Sooper-Healthy Seeds

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