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About me

I have been working with chickens for what seems like forever, having grown up around livestock. My work ranges from teaching Beginner’s and Advanced Chicken Keeping Courses, to writing articles and creating videos for poultry publications, YouTube channels, poultry shops and livestock nutrition Companies, including Cotswold Chickens, Nettex Poultry, and Natural Animal Feeds (NAF). Along with advising on online poultry forums

I also provide online advice for the backyard chicken keepers in the form of ‘How To’ videos and one-on-one support. Have a look on my videos page at a few of the chicken advice videos which I have created to impart helpful guidance on chicken care.

My website gives details of the services I provide, and the chicken keeping advice I give. Please contact me to find out how I can help with anything from taking care of your chickens, to improving your poultry products to bring to market.

All the best in your chicken keeping endeavours!

Clare Taylor, the Chicken Whisperer


I can not express how useful and how grateful I am to you for sharing your wealth of knowledge with us. I really did feel like I was on my own since getting my chooks, as no one I found seemed to know much about chickens, vets included! It turned out to be a bonus that you were really lovely too and I also enjoyed the way you teach, so I big thumbs up all round and I am very glad I came.

Gillian Jenkins

I was really pleased that I attended the beginners hen course. I didn’t have my hens at that time and I found the information given very useful. The teaching atmosphere was informal which was great because no one felt embarrassed to ask lots of questions. Handling the hens gave me the confidence to handle my own bantams and to know what to look for with regards to common ailments.

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