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Sizes and prices: 250ml aerosol spray, £9.95


Postage: £3.90 when shipped on its own


Product description: Nettex Wound Care spray is a highly effective wound cleanser, for external application to minor wounds on poultry – essential for your first aid kit.


  • Antibacterial – providing effective protection from the risk of bacterial infection
  • Leaves a violet-coloured residue when applied to indicate that the affected area has been covered, and to disguise the appearance of blood, to help prevent 'investigation' by the rest of the flock
  • An essential tool for minor wound management
  • Fine, directional nozzle to prevent over-spray


Directions: Glove up before use (this will stain!) spray carefully on the affected area and allow to dry before putting your bird back in the flock. Note that you'll need to re-apply as the colour wears off to ensure that the colour of blood, or exposed skin is covered.


Separate the injured bird in a crate, in the run until any bleeding has stopped. If necessary, Bumpa Bits should be fitted to any persistent bullies


Clare’s comment: A really useful antiseptic spray that conceals the colour of blood and pink, exposed skin, so that the rest of the flock isn't inclined to peck at it.

Nettex (purple) wound spray 250ml

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