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Sizes and prices: sold in 1kg, 2kgs, 5kgs and 10kg, £2.65/kg


Postage: Dependent on weight and combination of products - correct charge will show automatically at checkout


Product description: Gut Conditioning Pellets are a marvellous high performance poultry pellet, with added Orego-Stim (Meriden Animal Health/Anpario); an Oregano-based health supplement that helps promote healthier digestion in chickens and other poultry.


They are a complete feed, which can be fed neat to address a particular gut problem, or as a brilliant supplement to their regular feed at a ratio of 1:10 on 2-3 days a week. They contain essential proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and trace elements.


This product is a complementary feed to support gut health, and not a substitute for regular faecal worm testing/worming, a good diet and gut hygiene practice.


Gut Conditioning Pellets will improve the overall health and fitness of your birds, and also:


  • the added Orego-Stim promotes a healthy digestive system & supports the immune system
  • packed with vitamins and minerals
  • Oregano supports gut health by controlling pathogenic gut bacteria; hence more solid poos
  • high protein for promoting general condition


Clare’s comment:  I have used Orego-Stim as a liquid before, so I am very keen on this new variation. I mix this in with their regular feed a couple of times a week, they also like it with a treat of my Sooper Healthy Seeds. They eat it readily and seem to produce smaller, drier droppings as a result.


Ingredients: Wheat, Wheatfeed, Maize Flake Screenings, Whole Naked Oats, Full Fat Soya Meal, Hipro Soya. Additives (per kg) Dicalcium Phosphate, Limestone, Salt, Methoionine, Orego-Stim, Yeast Culture, Ironoxide, Poultry Breeder Supplement, Vitamin E, Synerox.

Gut conditioning pellets

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