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Sizes and prices:  1kg - £7.00, 3kg - £17.50


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Product description: Bokashi Bran is a dry mixture of bran and molasses that has been inoculated with beneficial micro-organisms... a carefully controlled mixture of microscopic bacteria, yeasts and fungi that work together to speed-up composting.


The unique blend of pre- and pro-biotics make it an ideal digestive aid for chickens, and also has the added benefit of reducing the smell of their poop 😊


Add a little to their regular feed once or twice a week. Keep in a dry place.


Clare’s comment: My girls absolutely love this bran, and it really does seem to make their poo less smelly. I love the sweet smell of the bran myself – a sort of brewery-type scent. Used to use this on my wormeries, but then discovered the benefit of feeding it to hens and now mine get a regular helping in their feed.


Ingredients: Wheat Bran, Blackstrap Molasses, EM•1 Microbial Inoculant, water (ingredients are mixed, fermented and dried)


Bokashi Bran 1kg and 3kg

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