Sizes and prices: 30mm and 35mm Bumpa Bits, sold in pack of 8 bits. Please select which size you'd like, or a mixture of both sizes. 30mm suits a bird with a shorter face/beak.


Postage:  £1.00 (for up to 2 packs, unless included with other products) select at checkout


Product description: Bumpa Bits are a valuable tool in preventing serious injury in the case of bullying or feather pulling. These are for hybrid-sized birds.


They are applied with a pair of circlip pliers (sold separately) and fit between the upper and lower beak to protect the sharp end of the beak and prevent the bully from grabbing feathers or flesh. The bird will still be able to eat and drink; we’d recommend deep feeders and drinkers for the period while the bit is fitted.


Chickens learn, and unlearn, habits fairly easily, so you should find that it will only need to wear the bit for 3-4 weeks.

Please watch the video above, and linked below, for fitting instructions.


Sold in packs of 8 bits. The pliers are sold separately


Clare’s comment: I can’t under-estimate how important it is to act quickly in cases of bullying; the situation can quickly escalate into serious injury or worse. Bumpa Bits enable you to work on any possible environmental causes, while the bullying bird is prevented from causing any serious injury.

Bumpa Bits

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