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Sizes and prices: one pack, £12.95 (incudes free postage to Westgate Labs) 


Postage:  £2.60 (for up to 2 kits, unless included with other products) **Please select this option at checkout**


Product description: Worm egg count kit for chickens and other poultry. The pack contains everything you need for taking a sample either from an individual bird, or a composite sample from a flock of up to 15-20 birds. Includes a voucher for the laboratory test.


This test kit is now sold in a unique compostable pouch, which becomes the return envelope to send the sample back to the lab. Its unique zero waste design leaves you no waste to dispose of; all of it can be returned back to Westgate. Once they've processed it in the lab they'll compost it on the farm, and eventually use it to establish new tree planting on the 75 acre nature reserve they're developing on land restored from open cast coal mining.


Westgate Labs' video here with instructions for using the kit 


Kit includes:

  • A sample pot for the individual sample or combines composite sample of the birds
  • A voucher for the laboratory processing of the test/s
  • A compostable glove!
  • A compostable post-paid return label
  • Full instructions are included in the kit.


What will the test show?

  • Gastrointestinal worms that live in the bird’s gut; in poultry these include roundworm, gizzard worm, hookworm, hairworm, caecal worm etc.
  • Gape worm which lives in the windpipe
  • Eimeria (Coccidiosis) a microscopic parasitic organism called a protozoa.


Clare’s comment: I use this testing service every quarter, so was delighted to see that they have now introduced a completely compostable/re-usable pack. So easy to use, and the service is very quick, their website also has the option to set up an account and receive a reminder to worm test your flock.

Westgate Labs, Faecal Worm Test Kit

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