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Sizes and prices: 1kg tub - £24.00


Postage: £3.90 when shipped on its own


Product description: A peroxygen based, broad spectrum disinfectant powder; use diluted to disinfect poultry housing and equipment, it is DEFRA approved for use against Avian Influenza as well as…..


  • Effective against bacteria, moulds, fungi and viruses.
  • Highly concentrated for cost efficient application
  • For use when disinfecting, hard surfaces, housing (coops), equipment, vehicles, drinkers and feeders, and can also be used as a highly effective boot dip.


Directions: I mix up 5 litres of this at the 1% solution (so half a scoop in 5 litres of water) for use as a boot dip or in a spray for other areas


Clare’s comment: An absolutely brilliant poultry disinfectant for use all year round, but perfect to protect your flock against Avian Influenza. It provides security against Avian Influenza during lockdown.


Ingredients: Peroxygen

Nettex's Virocur disinfectant 1kg

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