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Parasite Control: Nettex Total Mite Kill Spray (aerosol)

Updated: May 20, 2020

Product name: Total Mite Kill Aerosol Spray

Product size: 250ml and 500ml

Product price: 250ml SSP £12.99 500ml SSP £17.25 depending on retailer

Product details: "Nettex Total Mite Kill Aerosol spray is part of the highly effective Nettex Total Mite Kill range and contains Permethrin – a rapid knockdown insecticide to kill red mites on contact, in the coop. The spray is designed to be used to tackle mites in hard to reach areas of the housing, such as nooks and crannies".

If you have a red mite infestation, use Nettex Total Mite Kill Aerosol initially, again three days later and then revert to using as part of your weekly routine. For prevention, Nettex advises to use the spray weekly as part of your regular cleaning routine to deter Pesky Pests. For a full and effective cleaning regime you should use it alongside the Nettex Total Mite Kill Ready to Use Spray and Total Hygiene Powder.

Findings: I have been using this as part of my weekly cleaning and mite-busting programme; I found the high velocity spray especially good for directing the product deeply into to nooks and crevices in my housing. Permethrin is a very effective mite and lice knockdown product (used in human head lice preps). The spray seems to last for ages even though I used it on the inside of the roof and the sliding door mechanism. I feel that it might benefit from a more directional nozzle, like the one on their purple wound spray.

Score out of ten: a solid 9½ (I don’t do 10s)

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