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Feed: Gallix Ornamental Power Mix

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

Product name: Gallix Ornamental Power Mix


Yes, I know the run looks a bit messy – this was just prior to a mucking out.

Product size: 4kg

Product price: Retails in the UK at around £10-£11

Product details: A Belgian company, which has been producing animal feed since 1907, widely sold in Belgium and The Netherlands, but only available via a few outlets in the UK. I was given this sample at The National (poultry show) at the end of 2019

Findings: Looks and smells lovely and fresh, although the meal ‘moves’ as if it has oil in it if you get my drift. It is recommended to be used as a booster feed to improve health and general condition (even ‘sex drive’!!!!) the market seems to be for breed showers and specialist breeders. I agree that it should be used as a supplemental feed as it looks too rich to be fed as the main diet. It is also expensive, so that would be a barrier to feeding it any more often than recommended.

My birds had it mixed with their regular pellets and seemed keen to eat it all up, although they regularly rejected the small, unidentified, round constituents as seen above. I know it’s small stuff, but the bag it came in is made of quite fragile plastic, which split as I opened it (I wasn’t being rough, honest) so I had to decant it.

Looking at the list of ingredients on their website, I am slightly concerned to see some substances which DEFRA would have a problem with us UK chicken keepers feeding to our flock…. “egg cake” and honey to name just 2. They are vague about the rest of the ingredients.

Would I feed it to my flock on a regular basis? Only if someone provided it for free!

Score out of ten: 4

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