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Sizes and prices:  5ml - £10.99


Postage: This product costs £3.90 to ship (up to 5 bottles) on its own; it is 'just' over the dimensions for the lower postage rate. This band allows you up to 2kgs, so you might like to add a couple of other goodies up to that weight.


There is a special drop-down selection at checkout for the shipping if you are buying just this product; this does not apply when buying it with other products


Product description: An Ivermectin spot-on used for non-food producing birds to control and prevent lice and mites both on the birds and in their housing. Care should still be taken to use appropriate products (containing Permethrin) to control mites in their housing. 


This veterinary medicine is marketed in accordance with the Small Animal Exemption Scheme; Avisolve is not licensed for use on food (meat and egg) producing animals such as poultry, and should therefore only be used on the advice of a vet, who will also advise any dosage and a 7 day egg withdrawal period.


Always wear gloves and follow the manufacturer’s instructions, taking care not to allow the product to come into contact with your skin. For topical use only. For animal treatment only. 


Directions: the recommended dosage for this concentration is 2 drops per 500g of body weight, to be applied to the skin (under the feathers) at the back of the neck, in an area where it cannot be preened. Always treat new birds before introducing them to your flock.


This should be repeated quarterly as a preventative.


  • Do not use this product in any species other than those named in the product packaging. Serious reactions including deaths have been reported after the application of the active substance to dogs (especially Collies, Old English Sheepdogs and related breeds), tortoises and turtles.


  • Avoid contact between the product and skin, eyes or mouth.


  • Wash hands thoroughly with soap and water after applying this product.


Disclaimer: This veterinary medicine is sold in accordance with the Small Animal Exemption Scheme, which covers small domestic pets/birds not intended for food use. As such, we are unable to advise on its use for other birds as we don't hold the relevant qualification to prescribe medicine for animals; to do so would be a breach of VMD rules. We advise seeking advice from a qualified vet before using it on poultry.


Ingredients: 0.35% w/v Ivermectin

Proud to be British; Manufactured in Kent by UK pharmaceutical company Naqua Ltd

Avisolve Ivermectin spot-on 0.35%

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