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Avian Influenza 2022-2023


18/01/2023 as promised, an update on the Avian Influenza (AI) and courses situation; at the moment we are all sitting tight through the worst AI lockdown in decades. Most important to me is to keep your flocks, and the beautiful birds at the course venue safe; I am in regular touch with the authorities, and anticipate that we'll have the go-ahead to hold the courses in the spring, and I will keep everyone informed if it is necessary to change any of the 2023 dates.

2023 dates are still booking and available

Courses in the Northamptonshire countryside 

I have partnered with Cheryl Porton near Pitsford to run my chicken keeping courses in Northants; she has a fantastic set-up in the most beautiful countryside. Cheryl keeps some lovely birds, and has many other animals besides.


She grew up around animals and has the highest standards of welfare; this is reflected in the way that she cares for her beautiful breeding flocks, and you can tell that she really enjoys spending time with her poultry.


I am lucky to be holding the courses in a small barn that they have on-site, so everything is at hand. It will be exciting to work with Cheryl as her business grows.

The courses are held in Pitsford NN6, full details will be in your joining instructions.

Large chicken run at the course venue.jpg
Once you have booked onto your course, you will receive an email from me with your joining instructions. There will be one further (reminder) email just prior to your course. The courses start at 11am.

Beginner's Chicken Keeping Course: an ideal course for those who are thinking about, or have just got their first chickens. Rammed full of advice, information and hands-on practical work, this course is designed to give you confidence in handling your birds, able to do a full health check on them and know what to look for when buying your chickens and coop. The Beginner’s course takes roughly 2-2.5 hours, so we only recommend them to children over the age of 10 years.
Advanced Chicken Keeping Course: An in-depth course describing chicken ailments and injuries, how some can be treated at home, while others really must go to the vet. Lots of practical work to give you confidence in various techniques. An absolute must for any established chicken keeper. The Advanced course lasts around 2.5 hours - and is very detailed - so we don’t recommend it to children under 12 years.

2023 Courses

 12th February 2023, deferred due to AI lockdown

5th March 2023, deferred due to AI lockdown

26th March 2023, Advanced

23rd April 2023, Advanced (full)

21st May 2023, Advanced (full)

2nd July 2023, Advanced

6th August 2023, Beginner

10th September 2023, Advanced

22nd October 2023, Advanced

19th November 2023, Advanced

10th December 2023, Advanced

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