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Chicken Keeping Courses

I have been teaching fun and informative Chicken Keeping Courses - at beginner and advanced levels - for over 15 years. My courses are aimed at both the complete beginner, and also the more advanced keeper; they are informative with plenty of hands-on practical work with chickens, experienced advice, as well as products to review and suggest.

My Advanced Chicken Keeping Course draws chicken keepers from all over the UK!

I provide a very relaxed atmosphere, and encourage your involvement throughout the course; after all keeping hens should be enjoyable, not a chore. Chicken handling and cake eating are compulsory (although not at the same time!) and you will get plenty of opportunities to ask questions as the course is steered by your requirements. You will also receive a compre-HEN-sive goody bag full of supplier information, course notes, pens, free gift, samples and (if I can wangle it) money off vouchers.

I run all my own courses, and am also available to come and talk to your groups, such as companies, schools, Brownies, Guides, the WI and charities - especially animal rescue charities - to give a basic overview of life with chickens. Check out my video page for a taster of the videos I have recorded for various companies........ and some just for fun.

Our Course Venue

The courses are held in Wigginton OX15, full details will be in your joining instructions.


I am delighted to be returning to this lovely venue in the historic village of Wigginton; the village hall is beautifully appointed and has LOADs of parking to boot.


I have been teaching for 15+ years now, and people travel from all over the country to attend them, so we start at 11am to give you time to assemble; the Beginner's course ends around 1:30pm, the Advanced around 2:30pm, with a break for tea, coffee and homemade cakes part way through.

Wigginton village hall.jpg

2024 Chicken Keeping Courses

17th March 2024, Advanced FULL

21st April 2024, Beginner

19th May 2024, Advanced 

16th June 2024, Advanced

14th July 2024, Advanced

18th August 2024, Beginner

22nd September 2024, Advanced

20th October 2024, Advanced

10th November 2024, Advanced

With the prospect of another Avian Influenza lockdown this winter, if any of these dates prove to be in jeopardy, then I will let everyone know as soon as I hear and offer them spaces on other dates where I can, creating an extra date or two in the summer if needed. 

Once you have booked onto your course, you will receive an email from me with your joining instructions. There will be one further (reminder) email just prior to your course. The courses start at 11am.

Beginner's Chicken Keeping Course: an ideal course for those who are thinking about, or have just got their first chickens. Rammed full of advice, information and hands-on practical work, this course is designed to give you confidence in handling your birds, able to do a full health check on them and know what to look for when buying your chickens and coop. The Beginner’s course takes roughly 2-2.5 hours, so we only recommend them to children over the age of 10 years.
Advanced Chicken Keeping Course: An in-depth course describing chicken ailments and injuries, how some can be treated at home, while others really must go to the vet. Lots of practical work to give you confidence in various techniques. An absolute must for any established chicken keeper. The Advanced course lasts around 2.5 hours - and is very detailed - so we don’t recommend it to children under 12 years.
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