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Sizes and prices: 2kg tub - £26.50 and 5kg tub - £41.50


Postage: 2kg £3.90 when shipped on its own, 5kg £7.00 when shipped on its own


Product description: Ground sanitising powder is an easy-to-use product that will help to prevent your hens from getting worms. When sprinkled in your coop and run it will help to eliminate all stages of intestinal worm eggs, and larvae at ground level. It will absorb moisture from faeces and organic matter, preventing the build-up and maturing of parasite eggs. This will reduce the opportunity for worm infestation as birds will ingest fewer eggs or larvae, resulting in lower worm populations in the bird's gut.


Regular use will also prevent a build-up of bacteria and fungi which can contribute to conditions such as Coccidiosis. Not to mention lessening any pong!


Directions: This product should be sprinkled each week on the litter in your run and inside the housing and nesting box, ensuring a light coating is visible. The powder should be applied liberally where faeces and organic matter are prevalent. It should also be used when giving the run a complete muck-out – sprinkle on the slabs before laying fresh bedding.


Clare’s comment:  This powder is a total game-changer in terms of reducing the pong level in a run, and keeping it hygienic especially during Avian Influenza lockdowns, when our birds are confined to the run.


Ingredients: Copper sulphate and Peroxy disinfectant blend.

Nettex Ground & Bedding Sanitising Powder, 2kg and 5kg

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