Feed: Gastro-Grit

Product name: Gastro-Grit

Product size: 1kg and 5kg (the 1kg comes in a biodegradable pouch, the 5kg in a resealable bag).

Product price: 1kg = £6.95, 5kg = £18.95

Website: www.thelittlefeedcompany.co.uk

Product details: A poultry grit with added extras – it contains different types of grit for both digestion and shell quality. Added into this mix are various grains, protein pellets, herbs, seaweed and brewer’s yeast.

Findings: The grit mixture has a slightly terracotta hue due to the redstone in it, and I can smell the aniseed, which is an appetant, so ought to attract them to feed on it. I like that the pouch is biodegradable.

I was initially sceptical about this product – my bantams aren’t usually into grit, and a coop cup of it in the run can go untouched for ages. I poured some into a coop cup and they tucked right in. I have been topping up the cup every day since, so it’s certainly being eaten. I have noticed that their poos have been firmer recently, which could be down to the grit.

I am pretty impressed by this, and would certainly recommend that it is used to enhance digestive function.

There’s a video on their YouTube Channel showing a comparison between Gastro-Grit and regular mixed grit. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5aw9C9XB5rc

Score out of ten: a good solid 9 – this one will definitely be in my kit from now on.

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